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What Beauty Bright

What Beauty Bright does walk before mine eyes?
This wondrous light above all the sky's stars
Does grip my soul with such warmth
That not the bloody blue cold of the arctic air
Can scrape my skin with its cruel cutting claw.
The beauty speaks, and her voice is the musical milk
That nurtures my infant mind
And gives it the strength and courage to grow.
She smiles and a spray of sparkling light
Showers my still standing form,
Cleanising it of the blood and grime
Which has clung to my skin for so long.
Her flying form is followed by a glimmering glow
That raises up the withering plants
And brings blooming blossoms to their feeling fingertips.
Her gaze entwines with mine
And I am forever lost
Within the infinite depths
Of her beckoning dreams.
I fall into her warm embrace
And am made forever hers
As the beauty bright forever shall
Walk within mine eyes.

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