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First Amendment
Burning the Flag
Human Adaptability and Space Colonization
The Central Grievance of Occupy
Police Violations of the Right to Assembly
Freedom of the Press
Weinachten: Christkindlmarkt
Reason: A Summary of My Political Stances
No, Johnny, There is No War on Christmas
2012 Didn't Suck
Consent - It's Not about Gender
Carrie: My Little Girl
The Adventskalender
The Travesty and Classism of the Affluenza Ruling
13 Tips for a Healthy Immune System
Misuse of the English Language, Some Pet Peeves
The Fall of the Berlin Wall
The NFL: Corporate Teams, not Community Clubs
Stripey: My Old Man and Old Friend
Redifinition of Words: Racism
Why Increasing Lower Wages Works, from a Thermodynamic Perspective
What I Want in a Government System
The Lie of the Free Market
Trigger Warnings
Religion: The Ultimate Tool
Flat Taxes: Not as Fair as They Sound
Is Obama Muslim (No!)
The Election of Fear
The Real Reason for Secession of the Southern States

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