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2012 Didn't Suck

Well, 2012 didnít entirely suck. While it wasnít my best year ever, it certainly was an improvement over the previous years.

In 2012, I did not:

Get hit by a car, tearing all the cartilage in the right side of my ribcage, which still gives me problems (2007)

Come home to a Dear John letter, my wife leaving me (2007)

Live off of borrowed money (2007-2010)

Have to have surgery on my thumb for an infection (2008)

Have my $2000+ bike (that I was only able to afford from the insurance settlement from getting hit by a car) stolen (2008)

Have an ear infection that lasted almost 2 months (2009)

Get divorced (2009)

Have my house flood (2009)

Get evicted (2010)

Have one of my cats develop liver disease for no explicable reason and almost die (thank goodness a dear friend was able to help pay for treatment and he pulled through (2010)

Miss an opportunity for a job due to the SSA changing my birthday 3 times and refusing to acknowledge it, taking over 2 months to correct (2010)

Live off food stamps (2010-2011)

Impose myself upon friends and take shelter in their homes (2010-2011)

Have hard-earned ad revenue stolen from me by a certain internet giant who shall remain nameless. (2011)

Lose everything I own in a forest fire (2011)

Get abandoned in the middle of the New Mexico Desert (2011)

In fact, nothing entirely bad at all happened in 2012, which was a first in over 5 years. What did happen was I was able to support myself and my kitties for the first time since I quit my job in 2007 to go back to school, I had a roof over my head which I paid for the entire year, and I was gainfully employed for the entire year. I also received a promotion for that said job, and was able to obtain a second job to supplement my meager income. I published my second e-book, got a bit more writing done (not as much as in 2011, which I hope to change in 2013). I was even able to afford a new bicycle.

Hopefully this coming year will be even better.

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