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Welcome to The Deepening Woods, a website dedicated primarily to the works of art and writing of Evan Hughes. You'll find beautiful space art, dark faerie tales, science fiction, science fantasy, poetry, reviews, and a wee bit of politics here. There's plenty for everyone, and lots to see, so pick a section, and enjoy! The feed below will let you know my most recent works.

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A family of penguins gathers to show their love upon a cloud floating amidst a cosmic background, with other penguins swimming in attendance. Posted 03/30/15

The Newark Castle Ruin of Fife, Scotland stand starkly imposed upon a solar lightning storm! Posted 03/23/15

Eyes so piercing, lightning strikes! Posted 03/16/15

My first new piece since January: a hammerhead shark has been electrified in space! Posted 03/09/15

For this week's first piece of art, the city of Pittsburgh is now at the confluence of two rivers of stars. Posted 01/13/15

A productive week so far, I return to my Physics for Everyone series with a new article on Symmetry Posted 01/06/2015

In support of the Frederick News-Post and their First Amendment right to report on Kirby Delauter Posted 01/06/2015

Art two days in a row? Sure! Tonight, the city of Toronto has found its way into the Andromeda Galaxy, posted 01/05/2015:

Two Tule Elk from Tomales Point, California, have made their way to a far more alien locale in my latest piece, posted 01/04/2015:

The rock dwellings of Geröme, Turkey, have become even more otherworldy today! Posted 12/29/2014

I get a little sidetracked from my usual material today with this editorial: The NFL: Corporate Teams, not Community Clubs Posted 12/28/2014

The Cats Eye Nebula has nothing on these ephemeral cat eyes! Posted 12/26/2014

The San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts has gone cosmic! Posted 12/24/2014

And for today, the Schloss Lichtenstein is illuminated by a red nova! Posted 12/19/2014

Two different pieces today - different versions of a similar scene. In one, the TransAmerica Pyramid in San Francisco has been transformed into an Industrial SpaceAmerica Pyramid, while in the other, we find a softer, brighter Soft SpaceAmerica Pyramid And remember, you can always get my artwork in on various items (tshirts, mugs, phone cases, shot glasses, blankets, and more) at my CafePress Store Posted 12/18/2014

The Scottish castle Eilean Donan has been misplaced into space (and in keeping with Christmastime, the Christmas Tree Nebula is part of the background) Posted 12/13/14

'tis the season, so in the spirit of Christmastime, a Weinachtspyramide with a spacey backdrop. Enjoy! Posted 12/10/14

Ghostly bats are flying through an explosive collision of the Carina and Owl Nebulae! Posted 12/09/14

Rosetta has found Krampus in space! Posted 12/05/14

St Louis has become cosmic! Posted 12/2/2014

I created a combination of The Bodiam Castle in East Sussex in Space Posted 11/25/14

I made a SpaceDragon! check him out, and my other Art Posted 11/21/14

For today's Art, a whale breeches the atmosphere to escape into space: Freedom Posted 11/17/14

Art! SpaceTube Posted 11/14/14

More new Art This time, 'tis Spacetopus Posted 11/09/14

A new, brief editorial, with video links, on one of the most momentous political events I had the privilege to experience, the Fall of the Berlin Wall Posted 11/09/14

I should have done this a bit ago, especially considering I've been doing a lot of art lately. But, I now have a single page where you can view my best art, and navigate to both my Etsy and Cafe Press shop for purchasing either prints or merchandise thereof (and any future shops once they're established). Make sure you check out the new Art page! Posted 11/08/14

And I have now opened an Etsy shop where you can order digital prints of some of my new artwork. Head on over and check it out. 4 prints available in multiple sizes, and more to come! Posted 09/08/14

Busy day today - did a couple new business card designs, which were up, as well as worked on a piece of artwork - I have four different versions of it posted in Posters. I may not leave them all up once I decide which I like the best, so check them out while you can. Posted 09/06/14

For a faerie tale site, I really need to finish more stories. Well, here's a new one for you! Took a lot of work to finish this one - the climax in the middle was like pulling teeth, but I finally got past it. My first story finished this year: The Writer Posted 08/31/14

Inspired by the first episode of 13th Doctor, I give you, Attack of the Attacky Attack Eyebrows! Posted 08/25/14

I decided that my Squirrel Rides a Snake Into the Sunset needed a LIGHTSABER and made it so. Posted 08/22/14

Just added a posters page to my Document Designs posted 08/18/14

A couple new business card designs up today, as well as a new site banner. New faerie tale coming, hopefully to be finished by the end of this coming weekend,

After a bit of a dry spell, a new article: Misuse of the English Language, Some Pet Peeves Posted 06/28/14

But there's actually a reason for that dry spell - I've been working on trying to start freelance document design - you can see some samples at the Document Design page

A short poem that's been brewing in my head for a couple weeks: Love Is Not Blind Posted 03/02/14

A poem on the frustrations of dealing with a long distance polyamourous relationship: Three Thousand Miles Away Posted 02/16/14

An early Valentine's Day poem for my love: Alycen Posted 02/09/14

The follow up to the last physics article: Physics for Everyone: How Global Warming Happens Posted 01/19/14

My latest physics article, on a topic of great import: Physics for Everyone: Why Global Warming is Scary Posted 01/03/14

Some old school common sense about cleanliness and your immune system: 13 Tips for a Healthy Immune System Posted 12/30/13

Article 4 in the Physics for Everyone series: Physics for Everyone: Radiation Posted 12/30/13

In response to the horrid Affluenza sentencing: The Travesty and Classism of the Affluenza Ruling Posted 12/14/13

This year's Christmas article: The Adventskalender Posted 12/11/13

Why I haven't finished anything for the last fortnight. Warning, there may be tears: Carrie: My Little Girl Posted 11/16/2013

Number 3 of the Physics for Everyone series: Physics for Everyone: How Light Travels Posted 10/12/2013

At this rate, I'll likely create a new menu item just for this article series

And now for the second of the Physics for Everyone articles: Physics for Everyone: The Nature of Light Posted 09/25/2013

A new poem for my Love, my Alycen, on her birthday: And Once I Loved Posted 09/11/2013

The first in a new planned series of editorials on basic concepts of physics, written for everyone: Physics for Everyone: Dimension Posted 08/24/2013

A new editorial, brought on by the latest round of rape awareness in the media: Consent - It's Not about Gender Posted 03/23/2013

I've been working on a big project lately that's sucking my attention away from faerie tales, but here's a response to a selection from Marie Boas Hall's book The Scientific Renaissance (pgs 17-49) Posted 02/23/2013

Another brief review/response: In Response to Edgar Zilsel's article "The Genesis of the Concept of Scientific Progress" Posted 01/18/2013

A brief review of (or more appriopriately response to In Response to John Gasciogne's article "A Reappraisal of the Role of the Universities in the Scientific Evolution" Posted 01/04/13

More of a blog entry than an editorial: 2012 Didn't Suck Posted 01/04/13

An editorial in response to non-oppressed people trying to turn themselves into martyrs, especially around Christmas: No, Johnny, There is No War on Christmas Posted 12/21/12

This Editorial has been brewing for sometime: Reason: A Summary of My Political Stances Posted 11/02/12

Story: Spera This one I'm considering novelizing - there are certainly a lot of questions left unanswered by it (to which I do have the answers). Posted 09/23/12

Comments! I have them! You can now comment on your favorite stories, poems, reviews, and editorials! Please do! But keep it classy, please. You can find the comments box on the bottom of every page (except the menu pages, but including the front page). 09/21/12

Do please forgive the long hiatus. I had some problems with the webhost and domain name. Needless to say, I have terminated my business relationship with my prior webhost and have found a new one. Unfortunately, this necessitated a new domain name. 09/12/12

New Story! The White Cloak Posted 09/12/12

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