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And Once I Loved

(To Alycen)

And once I loved.
Ever ‘twas a joyous love
That lightly, lively lept through
Verdant vales and fields violet
And rambunctiously reveled
Within the wond’rous warming
Gaze of twin stars
Beaming brightly
‘neath ravishing russet reds
Set aflame ‘midst sunset skies
‘til cross all crept
Twilight turning
Erst enrapt’ring embers to
Fleeting figments fading from
Devote desire.

And for some time
Ebon eventide o’erruled;
Dallying dreams distracted,
Wove captivating chim’ra
Numbing mem’ry
Adrift atime.

Suddenly, unexpectedly,
Soft glow lept from horizon’s edge,
Spreading swift ‘cross once darkened vault,
Such brilliant iridescence
Blazingly banishing blackness
And once again warming my soul
And heart
With such flames
That never again
Can even the cruelest cutting claw
Of the cold winter day
Could ever again
Scrape my skin.
Nor murky night
Obscure my new open’d eyes.

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