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A Picture of You

I lie awake at night,
A picture of you at my side,
Smiling softly through the darkness
Like you used to when we were kids.
When once sleep comes, it is in fits,
With dreams of you filling my mind.
Is it the sweat sting in mine eyes
The wakes me so? Or might it be
That haunting image of you I see:
You dancing with a man, not me.
When in the morning I awake,
From these thorned thoughts I run away
With a false hope that work's hard sweats
Might quench the desires in my breast.
But at day's end when I return,
'spite my wet brow, my heart still burns.
When I turn out uncaring lights,
And darkness all but fills my sight,
All but that soft picture of you
Smiling like you used to do.
And I lie upon my pillow
And to you I quietly blow
A kiss through night, with silent hopes
That mine will be the only one
To fall upon that lovely brow.
Then, I try to drift into sleep,
A picture of you at my side.

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