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Can It Be Wrong

Can it be wrong to be me?
Wrong to stick my head in the clouds
And taste of their substance
As it were so much cotton candy?
Wrong to climb their billowy cliffs
and run
Run atop their wondrous rainbow roofs
Chasing satyrs and fauns
Nymphs and dawns
As the moon races across the gem-filled sky above?
Wrong to dream and laugh and smile
To roar out loud - a lion filled with the love for life
Or to weep my crystal tears
To drop shattered upon the floor,
A reflection of my heart.
Is it truly wrong
To look into the wintry cold
And touch eyes upon the delicate lace
That only frozen ice might form,
A beauty all its own,
Splashing her spray of colours out
through her grey cloudy veil.
I want to dance and sing and play
And love.
Oh, to wrap myself in that rainbow light
With its roses of red blue yellow green
Yes, I know that's not the way
But who cares how it should be
When I just want to drink in how it IS
And how it COULD be?
Is that so wrong?
Is it really so wrong
To share that light and warmth and song
With the world around?
Is it really so wrong
Just to be me?
I hope not.
Because I'm going to dance that dream
And run along the cliff tops
Drinking in the moist song of the wind
And dive off
Into the shimm'ring waters of life.
And one day
All those crystal tears I left on the ground
will lead someone to me.
And she will dance with me.

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