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Darkness fills my sacred world
As once again it begins to swirl
The fear, the terror,
Once again they rend at my flesh
Without an end.
Red, red,
The color blinds mine eyes
And my black, red and grey blur.
I hit the ground; my feet canít move.
Push it back! Push it back.
I donít want to remember
Or do I?
My hand falls through a whole in the wall,
The wall I have spent years constructing;
Brick by painful, numbing brick,
So I do not have to remember.
But still it haunts me.
Still the terror grips my soul
And sends seven thousand shards of ice
Ripping through my brain.
At last it ends.
One beside me has pulled me
From the yawning pit of peril.
He has saved me from my dream.
Or has he?
For the story has yet to beginÖ

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