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Oh, Faint Light

Oh, faint light I see,
One day I shall be with thee.
I shall traverse the great darkness
Which separates us.
I shall tread the soft soil of the new and beautiful worlds
Upon which your soft, though bright light falls.
All I shall have to guide me through the dark
To your worlds
Will be that faint flicker of light,
Just bright enough to pierce the black void
Of my journey.
Just that thin point will be my only hope
To spur me on my lonely trek,
My lone guide to show me into your space.

But I shall struggle hard and long,
Through that darkness,
Fighting the part of my soul which yells:
“Surrender! You cannot prevail. Turn back, before it is too late!”
Yes, I shall conquer my worst enemy-

I shall also overcome my outside foes-
Those of my fellow man.
I shall overcome his insatiable greed,
And show him that, no, he cannot own all he surveys;
He must instead share it with his neighbors.
I shall overcome his lasting fear
And reveal unto him that
Nothing is so great that it cannot be overcome.
I shall prevail over his hate for his brother,
And make him realize that his comrades
Are as important as he.
I shall make him see
That the only way for him to overcome
His worst outside barriers
Is to effect unity
Between himself and his brothers.

Or perhaps I shall not.
I may not overcome the obstacles of man,
But whether I do or not,
I shall traverse the voids
And spend my life within your lights
For all eternity.

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