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Row On

Sea of tears dried up
By the burning flames of fury.
Anger blown away
By the musical melodies of laughter.
My grief is gone
Or so it seems.
Perhaps just an eye in the storm,
A moment's calm and respite
Before the fear-fueled clouds
Return to the seas
And the grey blankets of misery
Duel with the angry sun,
Clashing against me in churning waves,
The hapless rider in this sea.
But for now,
The sky is clear,
The moon high in the sky,
And the stars twinkle in the night,
A million dusty gems
Sparkling, winking down on me from above.
I trace their patterns in the air,
And see in them the stories told
Of my happy days past
And of future times,
Wondrous days of love yet to be lived.
I smile upon them and wave,
Friends bringing warmth to my heart
And I grasp the oars and row,
Moving on.

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