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Soft September Rain

In a soft September rain
The streets aglow in blue
Orange and green,
Slowly shuffling shambling
Silently sleeping
To the world around
Enwrapped enraged in misery
Water dripping from a nose,
Trying, failing,
To wash away the stink
Of a thousand days in the sun
Layers of brown grey smudge
Defying the sun
Even as the pat pat pattering rain
Just rolls right off.
Scrounging for chump change
Just to buy another bottle of Boones
And wrap back up in that
Blanket of anonymity
Down on Market.
Watching cars roll by blankly
Staring past souls strolling by
Souls staring past,
Strolling past,
Rolling by
Even as the rain rolls right off.
It's a soft September rain.

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