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I bring thee down in a storm of hail
As thou turns to me thy cowardly tail.
Proud thou art, as thou didst not fail
Over my person to prevail.

Aye, thou initial victory didst obtain.
And it did cost thee no guilt nor pain
To smother me for thy profit and gain.
As you walk away thy fate seems plain.

Unbeknownst to thee I stand again,
And for thy fall I do so yen.
Guard thyself! You cannot flee
The destructive power arising in me.

As I march forward the wind hails my coming,
Brings mountains and homes to the ground crumbling,
And as you turn on feet stumbling,
Thine eyes widen, to fear succumbing.

The blue sky blackens and thunder threatens.
The earth rumbles and bleeds with my wrath.
The seas dry white and split in my path.
The hell-wraiths reach and thy soul is stricken.

As I near you wither from fear.
From thine end you cannot defend.
Vengeance is mine as upon thy flesh I dine.
And so you learn wrong me, and burn!

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