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Web of Pain

I preserve my pain,
A spider web etched upon and within
The crystal cage of my heart.

Do I really belong?
Or do I inflict myself upon them,
A constant gnat
Buzzing incessantly into their ears
Droning pain and yearning they don't wish to hear.
Love they don't wish to hold.

Don't touch me.
I might cut you with the shards
Of my pain-etched heart.
I bleed.

I love her.
Her touch is fire.
I long for it. I'm drawn to it.
But I can't touch her.
Else the displeasure in her eyes burn me.
But she touches me
Burning more lines into the spider web of cracks.

Fire breaks crystal
As surely as blows.
Heats it too rapidly
From the chill of her pose.

Am I to forever shed these tears?
These shards fallen from my heart
Through my glist'ning eyes?
They fall upon the floor.
Bursting into further pieces
To be stepped on
Or perhaps ignored.

Maybe I am an infliction
A knife twisting into their sides,
A very embodiment of the shattered web within.
Perhaps I should just stand aside
And fade away
Into the mists so like tears in the air.

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