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About the Author

Born in Texas but raised in Germany, Evan Hughes grew up in the land of fairy tales. As a child, he spent the majority of his time either traipsing about the woods or with his head buried in books. Fantasy and Science Fiction have always captured his heart, as have the traditional works of faerie tales and mythology. Inspired largely by the romantic and transcendental poets, his fiction is infused with a musical rhythm, with frequent use of alliteration, rhyme, and consonance.

Evan graduated high school from Alexander M. Patch American High school in Stuttgart-Vaihingen, Germany, where he was first introduced to the Transcendental and Romantic poets. He has studied at three colleges general studies at Monterey Peninsula College where he learned the basics of music theory, Creative Writing at San Francisco State University where he developed an appreciate for Beat Poetry, and Pitzer College in Claremont, California where he rediscovered his love of traditional faerie tales. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics from Pitzer College.

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