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Not Over

The Nightmare isn't over.
It comes back
To haunt me
In my waking hours.
He screams in my ear
Venom dripping from his words
As his spider's web weaves itself
Tightly about his thoughts
And hurls his poisonous blood
In my face,
Casting a haze across my vision,
Sending me reeling,
Stumbling into the stake-filled moat
That protected me from my past.
He blindly strikes home,
Hitting far closer than he could ever know,
Sinking his fangs deep into the marrow of my mind,
Tainting my blood
With the fear,
The knives of pain,
That I so innocently thought
Were gone.
But they are not.
The nightmare is back.
And it blindly stares me in the face
With his multi-faceted eyes.
And I open my mouth to scream,
Echoing mutely
From his prisonous web.
He is back.

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