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Smoke, Heat, and Passion

Holding hands, we walked across the room.
The lights, dim, in soft colors hid our features,
disguising them as much as revealing them.
Music, in slow-pulsing rhythms, ebbed through air
thick with smoke, heat, and unspoken passions
Pressed wetly against one another, people danced
hips swaying, hands straying,
eyes closed enraptured.
throbbing beat begins to become us
And we too softly, slowly, sway as one,
Pressed close
Feeling stirrings of desire in us, only us.
Disappearing, crowd, smoke, and heat
Fade into the throb
pulsing around us, murmurs quieted in bass.
Melting into us, we are music
we meet beat with beat,
quivering lips meet, touching tacitly.
Ever eagerly consuming us, we fade away,
The throbbing, soft colors slowly swirling , dancing
surrounding us, embracing us
As we, immured to the pressing heat,
Become ever lost,
Ever deeper
In the heat
The smoke
and passion

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