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Math Made Easy: Treasure Hunt!

Happy New Year! Letís start this year off a little different. Instead of a single problem today, how about a treasure hunt? Hereís how it works. On each page of the hunt, thereíll be a problem. When youíve answer the problem, type that into the URL of this page
(http://www.deepeningwoods.net/TH.html) after the TH and before the period. So, if, say, your answer to a problem is 1234, then youíd type into the url: http://www.deepeningwoods.net/TH1234.html. On the new page will be a new problem. If an answer is a list, type it without any punctuation (no commas, period, or colons or semicolons). Iíll try to keep the problems for this treasure hunt constrained to things Iíve talked about in my Math Made Easy articles.

Hereís the first problem: I am a five digit number. My first digit is the degree of the polynomial below. My second is its number of terms. My third digit is how far up the polynomial is shifted. My fourth digit is how many turns it takes, and my final digit is the horizontal shift.

If you need some help with polynomial characteristics to figure out this problem, check that out here:
Math Made Easy: Polynomial Characteristics

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